About JUNA

JUNA – Source of life

JUNA is a Euro-Colombian startup company shaking up the fruit drink market with completely new and exciting products.

JUNA means “parcel of land” in Sáliba, one of over 60 native languages still spoken in Colombia today. For thousands of small farmers in Colombia their JUNA is much more than a piece of land. It represents their home, their physical and spiritual link to nature and their primary source of subsistence and economic independence. It is the place where they raise their children and where their cultural heritage passes from generation to generation. The JUNA is their source of life… and the origin of delicious fruit.

At JUNA we are enthusiastic about building a successful business whose products and activities set new trends and capture consumers’ passions. We also feel that through our business we should help make the world a fairer, more exciting, healthy and open-minded place.

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