Our mission


We want to have a positive social and economic impact wherever we do business, especially in rural communities who supply the natural ingredients for our products. We want to create and grow markets for crops cultivated by small farmers and help them secure a sustainable source of income. In Colombia, we work closely with our suppliers to implement the JUNA Project, which assists farmers and small businesses in benefitting from our activities. We believe this is just.


We believe that people all over the world benefit from discovering something truly new and different. That’s why we want our business and products to surprise our customers by delivering unexpected and exciting experiences. It’s time to give same old apples and oranges a break; let’s bring the exotic closer to home and break with the known and ordinary. Our JUNA fruit revolution proudly introduces an inspiring, completely new fruit generation. With us, expect the unexpected.


Our passion is a constant search for fresh experiences, sensations and flavors offered by Mother Nature. It’s all about going back to basics. No need for a new chemical formula. We want our customers to enjoy all natural, healthy and environmentally responsible products – no artificial preservatives or additives. And precisely because Mother Nature is our ultimate supplier, we want our business and products to be inspired by her. Just keeping things natural.


Finally, we feel strongly about building awareness, both our own and that of our customers and suppliers. We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas, suggestions and recommendations from anyone willing to share them. Honest feedback and dialogue will make us aware of what works and what doesn’t and how we can improve things. We also want to raise awareness about places where we source our products, such as Colombia. Fighting stereotypes and opening minds starts with being aware.