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Berlin – what better place to start?

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We’ve been running around the city all day today to talk to the sales staff and see our product on the shelf for the very first time! The experience is a bit surreal after working towards this moment for such a long time!

Seeing much of the city again today reminded us that Berlin is a highly diverse, trendy and quickly evolving place. When we decided on Berlin as one of our priority markets, that’s what we had in mind. Berlin may not be the most affluent place in Germany, let alone in Europe, but it’s among the most open-minded, creative and trend-setting. What better place to launch an exotic drink made from Colombian fruit?

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  1. Sergio Vega says at %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p

    Me parece muy impactante la presentación de su sitio web, considero que es para nosotros como productores; participar en este proyecto empresarial, una oportunidad que no debemos dejar pasar, participar en el crecimiento y desarrollo de una empresa con visión comercial y social. Gracias y mis mejores deseos para que el éxito sea alcanzado y mantenido por mucho tiempo.


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