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From passion to business: Colombia gets a new brand

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With countries competing for tourists and investors from abroad, national governments and economies are increasingly in the branding business, seeking to convey a business proposition, an emotion or idea that captures their target group’s attention.

Incredible India” or “Malaysia, truly Asia” are campaign slogans that have stuck, maybe because they are catchy, maybe because they have been repeated over and over again on international news networks and airport billboards.

Colombia is no exception to the branding frenzy. On 7 September, luckily coinciding with Colombia’s smashing 4-0 football victory over Uruguay, the new “marca país” was revealed to the public, a modern-looking combination of shapes with the bold letters CO above “Colombia”.

Reactions have been mixed. What does CO stand for anyway? The designers of the new brand explain that this is the official ISO code for Colombia and the country’s internet domain (.co), but for many critics this is way too technical. At JUNA we like to associate it with the prefix “co” as in “together” or “joint”. The new logo is accompanied by the slogan “La respuesta es Colombia” (“Colombia is the answer.”) – supposedly to questions such as “Where should we go for our honeymoon?” or “What market should we prioritize for our investment fund?”

For the past 8 years, the Colombian government and its export promotion agency Proexport ran the “Colombia es pasión” campaign, consisting of a heart shaped logo and accompanied by the slogan “The only risk is wanting to stay”. This campaign was predominantly designed to put Colombia back on the tourism map, highlighting the warmth and openness of the Colombian people and suggesting that traveling to today’s Colombia is not anywhere as dangerous as people outside Colombia like to think.

With Colombia’s security situation improving, international image slowly changing and tourism back on the rise, it was maybe time to refocus the brand and make it more business-like. As a Euro-Colombian business, JUNA can relate to that. Today’s Colombia is a new Colombia. But we continue to believe that Colombia “es very much pasión”…

Marca país Colombia
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Bogotá, Colombia
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