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Peru and Colombia meet in Bath

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Andean fusion in Bath: JUNA’s Colombian fruit juices at Tambo Peruvian Kitchen. Since the very beginnings of JUNA in the UK, Bath’s Tambo has been a loyal fan and reseller of our natural fruit drinks. What’s this snug café all about?

Tambo is a small family business with roots in Bath, UK and Caraz, Peru. British Olivia is married to Peruvian Carlos and they offer in their beautiful little café in the centre of Bath delicious food, all freshly made on-site by them.

Tambo owners Olivia and Carlos

Three months ago Tambo was delighted to win the Bath Good Food Awards 2012 for the Best Express/Takeaway.

As well as special Peruvian ingredients, Tambo prefers organic products, free-range eggs, fairly-traded and direct trade products, local suppliers and environmentally friendly compostable packaging. For example, their delicious coffee comes from a women’s co-operative in the Lambayeque region of Peru and supports women and their families through the Cafe Femenino Coffee Project.

And their juices come from Colombia! Olivia says: “Our customers love the uniqueness of the JUNA juices: the smoothness of Guanabana and the tangy and exciting taste on Lulo. They like their naturalness and freshness and the fact that they are so different. Some people come exclusively to buy their JUNA at Tambo.

Tambo is the ancient Inca word for ‘inn’. A relay of Inca runners could carry a message many hundreds of miles across the empire. Tambos were the inns where the runners would rest, eat, drink … and wait for the next message to come along.

So come on in to Tambo when you need refuelling!

Tambo Peruvian Kitchen
1 Grove Street
Bath, BA2 6PJ
Tel +44 (0)7753 748 779

Opening times:
Mon-Fri: 9am – 3pm
Sat: 11am – 3pm

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