The JUNA Project

Our drinks contribute to opening markets and building a sustainable source of income for small farmers and their families in Colombia. At JUNA we are committed to make a positive impact wherever we do business, especially in rural communities who supply the natural ingredients for our products.


JUNA works with its partner on the ground in Colombia to help improve and certify sustainable agricultural practices, strengthen fruit grower associations and their wider socio-economic environment, as well as achieve full origin traceability.

From day one we are committed to invest a portion of our revenues to implement the JUNA Project. For each bottle sold, ¢5 go towards the JUNA Project Fund.


The JUNA Project is a key pillar of our work and vision and represents a long-term commitment. Rather than being a peripheral CSR expense, it is conceived as an integral part of our core business. Not only are we interested in making a positive social impact, but we strive to expand and improve the supply of fruit, the most important ingredient of our product.

Today we have formed solid partnerships with a first group of fruit growers in Pachavita, Colombia.

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