Project components

The JUNA Project breaks down into the following components:

  1. Create and grow a new market for small farmers: This is the most obvious component of our social project. It is also the basis for any subsequent social impact we can have given that creating demand for Colombian fruit will be a necessary condition for channeling resources to target communities and improving sourcing practices.
  2. Improve and certify agricultural practices: In tandem with our suppliers we are working towards standardizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers and ensure responsible social and environmental practices. This will allow us to obtain internationally recognized organic and fair trade certifications for our fruit association partners, something that will in turn strengthen our value proposition vis-à-vis clients and consumers.
  3. Strengthen fruit grower associations: JUNA strives to strengthen fruit grower associations by dealing through the association level, promoting the standardization of practices and supporting the employment of association-wide resources. While the associations themselves are our primary contact point, we also take into consideration the social and economic impact of their activities in the wider community.
  4. Achieve full origin traceability: By shifting fruit sourcing exclusively to partner associations JUNA strives to establish a full origin traceability system “from farm to fork” for all our products.

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