Partnership with ASOPROVITA, Pachavita, Colombia

Pachavita is a small community in the mountains of Colombia’s Boyacá region. The cultivation of fruit and vegetables is a vital source of income for small farmers and their families in Pachavita, who have organized themselves in an association since 2001 (Asociación de productores agropecuarios de Pachavita – ASOPROVITA). Our relationship with ASOPROVITA dates back to August 2009 when we first met with some of the members and with Sergio, their agronomist.

Since then JUNA has worked with the association to establish a solid commercial relationship which allows JUNA to build reliable supply of quality fruit while making a positive socio-economic impact in the community. We have successfully implemented this process with Lulo and hope to expand our collaboration to Mora in the near future.

To provide incentives and to reward growers for their efforts in ensuring good agricultural practices, JUNA guarantees a minimum price and allocates a premium above what the market offers. A key objective of this arrangement is to counteract the effects of high price fluctuations that so often hurt small farmers and their families. In addition, JUNA strives to support ASOPROVITA through the JUNA Project Fund by providing resources for technical assistance and the wider community.

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