JUNA range

Enjoy our JUNA drinks and enter a new world of excitement and discovery!

Our award-winning 4-fruit selection makes for an exotic and colourful range, catering to different consumer tastes and general demand for innovation and variety. Our drinks are 100% natural with no artificial preservatives or additives. It is our commitment to fully retain the original taste, texture and health characteristics of each fruit!

JUNA is the proud winner of 2013 Great Taste awards for 3 of its drinks, highlighting their quality and unique taste profiles.

Because they contain no artificial additives and have undergone only light pasteurization, our drinks have a limited shelf life of up to three weeks in refrigeration (2-7˚C).

To maximize consumer convenience and safety and protect the environment, our drinks are bottled in ready-to-consume, recyclable 250ml PET containers with tamper-proof caps. And the labels are made from an innovative, fully biodegradable polymer material.

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